Whole Body Vibration Machines or Power Plates

The Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Machines

Many people would like the benefits of running, but do not like actually lacing up and going out for run or jog.  What if you were able to get the benefits of an hour long run in 10 minutes?  With the growing passive exercise movement and the invention of the Whole Body Vibration Machine this is possible.

How does the whole-body vibration machine work?

  • People stand on the whole-body vibration machine with their knees bent around 30-degrees while the surface that they are standing on vibrates up to 30 times per second.
  • The unstable surface makes your body send signals to the brain that tells it is falling.
  • In response to the falling stimulus the brain sends out the stress reflex, which is an extremely rapid muscle contraction. These rapid muscle contractions are responsible for the benefits received from this type of exercise machine.

Who can benefit from using the whole-body vibration machine?

  • The working professional or the busy parent
    • Those people who do not have a lot of time on their hands can benefit the most from this type of machine. The Whole-body vibration machines are said to reduce the stress hormone called cortisol and elevate the human growth hormone.  Just the change in these two different hormones will increase your ability to recover from injuries.
    • According to most manufacturers, the whole-body vibration machine also decreases cellulite while simultaneously stimulating the growth of collagen for smoother-looking skin.
    • The other benefits include increased bone mineral density as well as a boost in metabolism.
  • Those suffering from health restrictions
    • People who are suffering from mobility restrictions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and even Parkinson’s disease can benefit from using a whole-body vibration machine.
    • The whole-body vibration machine’s benefits that are specific to these people include increases in muscle strength, enhanced range of motion to include general flexibility, and strengthening of core muscles around the stomach area.
  • The elderly
    • A study completed by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research in 2004 found that those who used the whole-body vibration machine for 30 minutes three times a week increased their overall bone density in their hips. Which is extremely beneficial for the elderly suffering from weak hips.
    • Another proven benefit for the elderly is the increase in circulation and muscle stimulation. Which would increase their overall speed of movement and longevity.
  • Athletes
    • Finally, athletes can benefit from the whole-body vibration machine because it helps reduce recovery time between training sessions.

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