Vibration Exercise Platforms

Vibration Exercise Platforms

Not everyone is an athlete by nature

So many people can legitimately claim to not have the perfect genetics for sports.
It can be tough to get in shape and many people try different styles of training and dietary programs that eventually end in failure.

Emotional eating is a great challenge for many people and this takes everything you do related to your health in the wrong direction. Most people are not into daily training, especially training that involves lifting weights and doing intense and painful sit ups, pull ups and push ups.

Health Challenges

People are into what they choose to be into and most people are smart which, means that they eventually will have to get in shape and get healthy. More people than ever start to understand the health challenges that everybody faces and more are becoming better at cooking for themselves, at exercise and at trying their best to get out of health troubles. And this is no easy task, but in the past few decades and with the scientific revolution that’s effecting almost everything we do, there have been numerous inventions in the in the weight loss industry.

These patents involved many machines and techniques for increasing weight loss but unfortunately most of these methods and techniques are proved to cause more harm than good by being unnatural. We’ve all heard about the ‘pill’ revolution and how many weight loss techniques have gone down to using ‘magic’ pills that do wonders like the magic pills that represses your appetite or burn your fat off your body while you’re sitting on the couch eating cheetos.

Expensive Machinery

Or expensive machinery you see advertised on tv that shows you people in perfect bodies exercising on them and telling you their equipment would be the best for you and will get you the weight loss that you need in no time. They try to make you feel as if your problem is the biggest problem in the world and that there’s only one way to solve it and that’s by buying their expensive product right now. And of course they’re smart enough to add to their subliminal messaging some of the best modified and staged reviews to show you that tons of people love their product, use it everyday and recommend everybody to use it.

The thing about these ads is that it’s main purpose is to sell and make money. They’re not there to help you, they’re there because they found a product that will convince people in desperate need of losing weight. And the hard truth is that from everything you see on tv, that’s only a fraction of what the health and fitness industry is prompting you to do. If you go online or read a magazine or talk to people, you will even be more confused at the amount of conflicting information out there and nobody seems to be right.


Some people tell you to go paleo and start eating like the caveman – Some people tell you to starve yourself and eat only fruits – Some people tell you to skip carbohydrates because you don’t need them – Some will tell you to buy their equipment that does the exercise for you – Some will tell you about a magic pill – and some will tell you to eat a boiled egg in the morning, fatless grilled chicken filet with no carbs and a juice in the evening.

We’re in an era when everybody is making their own pieces of information. It somehow makes people feel bad to not know something and the weight loss industry is filled with people who would rather put their financial profit first than tell people the truth and help. And so this is up for the experts with integrity and passion for helping others to tell exactly the truth and what works best for most people and there has to be something that works.

Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, quick weight loss is probably the best you can do. Quick weight loss saves you money and stress especially when your program qualifies you after your successful weight loss to actually become an athlete and start adopting constant workouts and healthy dietary choices as part of your permanent lifestyle.

Vibration Training

Vibration Training has seen a resurgence lately as a great method of weight loss. It has been praised and is getting great reviews. Although it has been around for a long time, it has actually been improved and recreated to be much more effective then it ever was.

Weight loss nowadays is a stressful and frustrating process. Everyone is making up their own information and contradicting what’s already out there. Vibration training has proved its worth and was able to stand out among all the meaningless noise of corrupt health professionals and greedy industrialists.

In typical vibration training, the routine is that you stand, sit and lie on the machine’s vibrating plate.  As this rush of vibration breaks through your body, you will feel it getting tense. It is resisting and starts spending energy to face off this new physical challenge. The muscular challenge causes your muscles to exert and so as this vibration is going through you, your muscles will start reacting.

When your muscles start contracting and relaxing, this makes you spend a lot of energy and calories. This increase your metabolism. Your body fat will burn much quicker in the days you’re doing this vibrating exercise. You will be active and burning much more calories than you usually do thus guaranteeing a successful and rapid weight loss. Some experts say that even as little time as just 20 minutes a day using this training can make you lose tremendous amount of weight. If you add this technique to regular exercises such as weight lifting and other fitness exercises, you can see a noticeable change within a small period of time.

Some of the major benefits of vibration exercise are:

– A noticeable daily weight loss
– Fat burning
– Increased flexibility
– Lower blood pressure
– Better metabolism
– Higher body strength
– Rush of hormone production
– Lower stress hormones

Vibration training can be great for your body and health long term as it’s proven to be an effective way to get slim quickly and effortlessly. As you sit on the vibration machine, the machine works by vibrating and transmitting energy into your body, getting your muscles to contract and relax which gives a good quality exercise and with little effort. Many experts say that as little as just few minutes a day using the equipment can actually show up pretty quickly on the body shape. It has been approved and endorsed by many of the world specialist in the field and seen as one the great patents of modern weight loss technology. Conventional workout routines can be great if done along with vibration training as the results will be very quick and satisfactory.

Although it’s not scientifically documented that body vibration exercises gives you the same amount of health benefits and effects on the body as running, cycling or swimming, some people who tried it say that it can help you increase metabolism first and foremost which is crucial to effortless weight loss as it means burning more calories without having to exercise as much.

Increased calorie burning is a great advantage to people trying to lose weight. Most people have spent the months prior to starting a weight loss program in a sedentary lifestyle. This causes you to have a lack of energy.

When your body is shocked through the vibration on this machine, it causes your body to start resisting immediately which activates your body, improves your blood circulation and gets you on the path of weight loss as soon as possible.

Vibration training can be used for other reasons than fitness

It is said that it can reduce back pain, improve balance and decrease bone loss.

Depending on vibration training alone can make you lose weight but for satisfactory results both in relation to your weight, metabolism and overall activeness and vitality, it’s highly recommended to use conventional fitness exercise along with it to enhance results. Vibration training is a great patent in the field of weight loss. It can allow you to enjoy a slimmer body much quicker and with less efforts and it’s also a great option for people who are excessively overweight and are not able to do any of the conventional exercises. It has become one of the hottest methods of physical exercise today and has outstandingly decreased the amount of time people spend training. It’s a safe and reliable way to lose tons of weight as quickly as possible and is the perfect exercise for somebody who’s just starting.

Several studies suggest that workouts done on vibration machines provide health benefits that cannot be achieved through conventional training alone. The positive effects of whole body vibration exercises extend far beyond slimming down or adding muscle tone.

10 reasons why you should consider vibration training as part of your weight loss program

1.Whole body vibration exercises reduce the risk of falls and fractures

Regardless of your age, building stronger bones and working on your physical strength has to be a priority because weak bones and low physical strength are the major reasons for falls and fractures. Research has demonstrated that doing vibration exercises on a regular basis can improve mobility and postural stability, reducing the risk of falls and improving your overall quality of life.

2. Stronger bones and lower risk of osteoporosis

Vibration exercise has been proven to assist in developing stronger bones by creating a hypergravity environment and exposing the body to an increased resistence force. Those with a lower bone density experience even better results, studies showing that 12 weeks of vibration exercise can increase the bone density in a massive speed and recovery. Stronger bones mean a lower risk of osteoporosis.

3. Better lymphatic drainage and relief from leg swelling

Vibration therapy improves blood circulation and lymph flow, contributing to a better drainage and stimulating the removal of toxins and excess fluids from the body. When lymphatic drainage is impaired, the fluid builds up and can clog the nodes and vessels, leading to tissue swelling and painful legs and feet. WBV exercises improve the flow of lymph through the nodes, providing relief from leg swelling, pain and puffiness.

4. Improved body composition and muscle strength

Vibration training when done on a daily basis, can improve body composition while increasing muscle strength in obese people. Research demonstrate that vibration machine exercises are especially effective in decreasing stored fat in the body and strengthening the muscles in areas of the body that are difficult to reach using conventional exercising methods.

5. Increased energy consumption during aerobic exercises

Doing vibration exercises through different positions before a weight lifting training segment can increase energy and help you burn more calories during the workout and get in shape faster. Vibration can increase your metabolism and oxygen intake, resulting in a more efficient workout.

6. Healthier blood glucose levels and lower risk of diabetes

Recent researchs demonstrate that regular exercise using vibration machine can decrease the levels of fasting glucose and improve metabolism in a way that’s very close to conventional training, being an effective strategy for controlling blood sugar levels and decreasing the risk of diabetes.

7. More powerful workouts without fatigue

Vibration machine exercises were found to maximize muscle stimulation while minimizing fatigue. It increases the production of good hormones while reducing stress hormones. This means a better exercise effect and stronger muscles and lower stress during and after the exercise session.

8. Reduced liver fat and body weight

It also has positive effects in people affected by nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. At the same time, vibration machine workouts were found to lead to a noticeable decrease in body weight and increase in strength of legs muscles.

9. Decreased arterial stiffness and improved cardiovascular function

Training using vibration plates support the functioning of the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of diseases that effect the heart by reducing arterial stiffness post-workout. This positive effect translates into a lower risk of atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and hypertension, and recommends vibration workouts to people who are more vulnerable to heart disease and to those who are bedridden and prone to arterial stiffening.

10. Increased flexibility and range of motion in joints

It has been discovered that vibration exercises are efficient in increasing flexibility and different types of motion in joints, contributing to better athletic performance in gymnasts. However these beneficial effects are not limited to athletes, it can also help adults and the elderly.

Now let’s address some of the whole body vibration machines cons

If you want to purchase a vibration machine that’s really effective and able to get you into your best shape, you might have to spend a significant amount of money, as high quality vibration machines are expensive.

Then, it may not be so easy to find a good vibration machine if you don’t have some technical knowledge, or don’t spend time learning about the most important factors to consider when purchasing a whole body vibration machine. It’s not the design nor the price that matter the most when it comes to these fitness tools, but their acceleration, frequency and general quality. If you don’t have at least some basic understanding of what each of these parameters means and how it influences the outcomes of vibration training, you might end up paying too much money for a vibration machines that isn’t powerful enough for your health and fitness goals.

Another disadvantage of vibration machines is that some of them are noisy and heavy, thus may be tough to move from one place to another and may not be the best investment if you have picky neighbors.

People with recent fractures or injuries and those who suffer from certain illnesses, pregnant women and those with kidney stones should avoid vibration exercise

Now that you are more familiar with the pros and cons of vibration machines, you should be able to decide whether you want to invest in a whole body vibration machine platform for home workouts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a machine for a few hundred dollars, plant it in front of your TV set, and stand on it for a couple hours per day while it did all the work necessary to burn calories, build muscle, and lose weight?

If you like to browse the web for new weight loss and fitness products, you’ve probably seen advertisements for Vibration Training machines, along with claims that these machines can work wonders for your weight loss. You may even have seen one of these machines in your gym. Vibration exercise is absolutely an effective workout option on the fitness scene nowadays and maybe you should finally consider it.

At this point the verdict is still out on what vibration training can actually achieve. But there are some things we do know:

• It’s not just another trick to lose weight. Vibration training does have serious scientific support, and can be very useful for some purposes when performed the right way and with substantial quality equipment.

• Many of the machines out there especially the low quality ones are not worth it. The claims industrialists make, especially about their weight loss benefits are not true and following their advices can actually be dangerous to your health. Many of the cheap machines can’t deliver even on the usual benefits of vibration training.

• You definitely should not buy a cheap equipment, install it in your living room, and plan to spend hours on it to speed up your weight loss. That could cause some substantial problems, and won’t do good to your weight loss plans.

Here’s some information you can try to separate the dishonest advices from the ones worth looking into with suspicion, and decide whether vibration training might be a good option for your efforts.

Vibration training has been around for quite a while. It was introduced by the soviet union to assist some of their atheletes maintain physical fitness during breaks from working out.

These days, it’s being applied into weight loss programs by everyone from professional atheletes, sports medicine and rehab centres, and commercial gyms to help increase physical performance and enhance recovery from fractures.

Vibration Machines enable you to do better on whatever exercises you’re doing while on the machine, and also increases blood flow to the muscles, which will assist in making the recovery much faster. It can also be used to help maintain muscle tone and bone health in people who can’t exercise because of pain or other organ problems. Some research shows that vibration training can assist in increasing strength and speed recovery after exercise, and also improve physical balance and body awareness.

You can’t just assume that you will get on the nearest vibration machine and get good results right away. You have to choose the right vibration frequency, and the right amplitude, to accomplish the best results that suits what you’re looking for.

That means interacting with a high quality machine that allows for the necessary adjustments and knowing which options are right for your desired training.

It’s important to remember that your muscles aren’t the only thing that gets vibrated when you exercise using any of these machines. Vibration machine should not be used by pregnant women, and can be unhealthy for people with some spinal or other medical conditions.
Your organs and your skeletal system also get a good shaking (in fact, vibration training can be used to help prevent or manage osteoporosis).

If you have problems with balance or body awareness, vibration training can help you improve these problems (but check with your doctor first).

If you have serious medical conditions or limitations that prevent you from committing to exercise on a regular basis, using a vibration machine may help with maintaining muscle tone and improving bone density. But you should be aware of the whole process and understand how the training is applied and what benefits does it provide in addition to the other conventional exercises that you’re doing.

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